rotnkid (rotnkid) wrote,

it's been years...

here's my update, cuz i'm bored at the moment... i quite the job i had for 6 years b/c i was done. i am currently unemployed and have been so for 2 months now and i love it. cash is tight so i will be needing a jobby job in august. i am occupied by my 2 leapard gecko's feckles-roosavelt (many thanks to the crew at 417 hot topic, i'll always love them, n get out while u can!!) and black-eyed peas. i am still "looking for love in all the wrong places"... you gotta sing that when u say it!! i want to get away as much as possible this summer, anyone wanna take me on an all expenses paid vacation? yea i didn't think so!! anyways, shit is pretty damn good i'm enjoying not working for now!! yea for being unemployed!
can u tell who is who?
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