rotnkid (rotnkid) wrote,

my b-day party...

well i've decided to throw myself a b-day party! partly because i'm sick of people bitching and moaning about their friends or significant others not doing enough on their b-day so i've decided to take a stand!! hopefully it will catch on!! if your a whiner, a bitcher and a moaner about your b-day festivities fucking grow up say "hey this is where i will be having a great time on my b-day, if you feel like coming than do so if not that's cool too cuz i'm still havin a good time!!!" :-p anywho, i will be ay saints and sinners on october 3rd, that's a sunday, chillin and gettin old!! hehe! see ya'll there or be mother fuckin square!! yea ok i know i'm a dork! fuck it! lol
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